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The Waterloo Job Fair

    So after I found out the job was given away to 2 other student, I thought that there’s no point in me being upset about it (but I’m still pretty pissed off about it). So Varden, Chris, and I went to the career fair at RIM park in Waterloo. There were so many new companies there this year that they needed to use both sides of the arena! I have to admit, I thought it was a great idea that I went to the career fair this year. I met many potential employers that seemed interested in what I was doing, but most of them wanted waterloo grads immediately.
    It was a bit of a blow to the ego when we asked the American companies why they came to Canada to look for employees. They would say “the best students come from UW and we are here to get our hands on talented Waterloo grads.” It was like they totally didn’t care about anyone from a school that wasn’t waterloo, but the thing is majority of the people there weren’t from Waterloo. Is that the best U of G can do? Do we need to leach off the hype of Waterloo grads to have any success in getting a career started?

    Now that I think about it, it’s not that bad. You get viewed by employers that want to hire the best and brightest. If you can show that you’re what they’re looking for, without having to go to the competitive UW, then I’ll take U of G over UW any day! Did you know that some UW students will steal the textbooks of their classmates so that their classmates can’t study and the thief will do better? I like Guelph, and that’s why I did my both my undergrad AND grad there. It’s good stuff.

    So when I got back to Guelph, I did what any responsible potential employee would do. I followed up with everyone I talked to. I sent them my resume in PDF format, letting them know I was following up from the career fair, and told them to email me with any questions. And I have my new blog/site up. Hopefully they’ll see my professionalism and take that into consideration and follow up with me.

    So what did I get out of this? A pretty valuable lesson that I can take into the future of grad school and into my professional career. Don’t depend on people to follow through with what they promise. Only you can cover your own ass. With a bit of determination, you can complete and exceed almost anything anyone else can do for you.

    So when it comes to employment, which company excites me? In no particular order:

  • Platform computing: Expressed interest in me, and I’ve expressed interest in them. They do work that is parallel to what I’m researching. Hopefully I’ll still be in touch with them next June.
  • PlateSpin Ltd.: A small company that I could potentially stand out in. They have an office right downtown on front street.
  • IBM Markham: Maybe it’s good to start out in a big company. I’ve heard good and bad things about working at IBM. From what I hear, it sounds a lot like the UW I described above.
  • CGI: Very big names outsource their IT to CGI. I want a piece! I can get my hands into several different aspects of IT that I probably wouldn’t get a chance to do elsewhere.

    I know my first post should have been a review of what happened a while back, but this one seems more appropriate given the recent events.