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Installing Globus Toolkit 4

    This is my first blog post I've made while using Linux. I was itching to make this post because I'd finally done something that was so incredibly hard to do in the past. I installed GT4 on my own with only a reference textbook for help. It's pretty exciting because if you've ever tried to install GT4 without any help, it's almost impossible. The online instructions assume you are a sys-admin or something. I guess if you're using Globus, you have to be somewhat Linux literate.

    Anyways, the point to this post was to point out what happens when you use extremely technical open source software that changes on almost a daily basis. While I was installing GT4, I noticed many things that were familiar from then I took the Grid computing course a year ago. But as I went on, some stuff didn't make much sense and started to break during the install. Don't get me wrong, the textbook was great and definitely helped, but the small differences in versions is what I ended up spending the most time on.

    There is online documentation to go along with the book, but I sifting through most of it was becoming a pain in the ass. I did what most Computer Science students do when in this situation: Strategically Googled the problem until something paned out.

    The book I am using for a reference is called "Globus Toolkit 4: Programming Java Services" [ISBN: 0-12-369404-3], in which appendix A is a detailed description on installing GT 4.0.0. I wanted to install the newest recommended version 4.0.3.

    There were 3 places I stumbled.

  1. setup-gsi: for setting up the Globus security
  2. obtaining a host certificate
  3. starting the globus container

    The book never explicitly says to run setup-gsi. The output on the screen says to do it, but at that point I wasn't paying attention to the screen, my eyes were glued to the book. I had a hard time getting the host certificate because the machine I'm using obtains its IP using DHCP. So unless I wanted to put the installation on hold until I could get a hold of Rick tomorrow, I had to do some workarounds to get the certificate. Now starting the container was the big one (at the most frustrating because it was at the end of to-do list for the installation process. I kept getting an error about the grid-mapfile not being found, and the book didn't say anything about it. So I spend about 45 minutes Googling the problem. When I found the solution, I should have realized what the problem was because I've done this before (a year ago, but still, it was pretty easy). I needed to add in the users that would be allowed to have access to the resources on this machine! So i needed to add a line with the certificate subject of the Globus user into the grid-mapfile file! YARG! Each user has their own subject and each should be listed in that file. Oh well. I guess I'll never forget that.

    Sorry if this post was a little too technical. I just wanted some of the people who ask me "so how's your research going" to get a glimpse at what is going through my mind as I do my research. It's not pretty. That's why I have such a hard time talking to people about it.

    This Firefox 2.0 spell check is pretty sweet.


Hi, Can u explain the installation process in detail.. we are alsp trying to install globus. cheers, ninad

Try to find that book in your local library, bookstore, or something. It would take me a long time to type all of the instructions out again. It would probably be faster if you just found the book somewhere else.

"Globus Toolkit 4: Programming Java Services" [ISBN: 0-12-369404-3]