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Dreaming of the Rebel XT

    It’s finally happened. I’ve fallen in love with the Canon Rebel XT (350D). We went shopping in the Buffalo and the first store we walked into was Best Buy. They had most of the good cameras on display. I saw the D40, D70, D80, Rebel XT, Rebel XTi, and the Alpha A100. The first thing I noticed was how the XT stood out from the crowd simply by its colour. It was the silver version and positioned so that the back was to me. So even though I didn’t see the front, I could easily pick out which camera it was. I immediately picked it up and starting playing around with it. I liked how it fit so snugly into my hands. I took off the lens cap and noticed my first problem. The cap wasn’t tethered to the lens. I’m sure that was just a small issue, but it really bothered me. Next, I put the camera to my eye and was very pleased about how the view finder had data on the image being captured (ev, focus, etc). I turned and started to snap a few pictures of the store. I looked at the lens (the one that comes with the camera) and saw the auto and manual focus settings on it. The AF works way better then my little T5. I wanted to take a few portrait shorts, but my model didn’t want to play along :P. The LCD on the back would give a half decent preview, but not better then my T5. I’m sure that was only because of the size of the camera. The options on the camera weren’t straight forward to use, but I’m sure that was only because I wasn’t familiar with how to use the settings of the camera.

    I finally decided to put it down and pick up some of the Nikons. I picked up the D40 and knew right away that I didn’t like it as much as the XT. Size wise, it was a bit larger, and didn’t feel as good in my hands. The flat black was decent, but not as exciting as the silver. I knew it didn’t come in other colours so I had to accept it for what it was. I had the same feeling when I picked up the D70 and D80. The Alpha was not too bad. It reminded me a lot of my little T5, and I knew I could use my 1GB card in it. I didn’t play around with it as much as the others because it was over priced and too proprietary. I learned my lesson with the T5. I don’t want to get stuck buying Sony’s for the rest of my life so I think I’ll branch out to a Canon. The XTi on the other hand was very similar to the XT and I could see myself owning one of those. More mega pixels (10.1) and a few more features were nice, but at the same price as the Alpha, I thought I’d better not get attached.

    In conclusion, I figured that XT was the one for me. It has 8 mega pixels would be good enough for me since I don’t think I’ll be buying too many lenses that could take advantage of more pixels. I’m sure I’ll be decorating my next place with a few of my own photos, so it makes sense that I get something that I can use for a long time. At 8mp, I could get a 16x22 picture which would work for me. I don’t think I’d want anything as big as Varden’s grad photo (zing). Plus if and when I go travelling, I do want a sweet camera to capture and document my trip. I still plan on going to Japan to visit Rob, and maybe one day I’ll do the whole Europe thing. I don’t know what I’ll do with my T5. I still love it and it’s a very durable camera. If anything, I’ll use that as the traveller. The T5 fits into my front shirt pocket and if I drop it, it probably won’t break. Either way, I need to learn more Photoshop photo enhancing to make some great images.



I think you're forgetting the most important reason to use a Rebel, Andae Agassi: And having an oversized picture of you is great ... when people come to visit the folks can just bust out my picture an it's like i'm actually there. I think i'm going to borrow it for office hours next semester. P.S. those windows look sweet ... kinda wierd how no ones in the office ... slackers.

hehe. The picture was taken on a Saturday afternoon.. Maybe there could have been a few keeners in the building.

In general, I have a very reserved attitude about buying tons of lenses. However, if you end up getting a Canon, make sure that the first additional lens you buy is the 50mm f/1.8. It's the best ~$120 you can spend on any camera gear.