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Photoshop and the holidays

    The first blog post of the new year. I don’t have all that much to say. I got a sweet set of tools for x-mas so I’ve been pretty excited about that. I did ask my mom for the Canon XTi but I know that was a pretty unreasonable request so close to x-mas. She gave me a shirt and told me I’ll get the camera as a graduation present; I can wait. What I was the most pleased about was that my parents (yes, both mom AND dad) loved the gift I gave them. I got them both a mail shredder. I noticed that they have a ton of junk mail on the kitchen counter, so I thought I’d get them something to help them get rid of the clutter. It was about 60 bucks at Staples, and it shreds paper, paper clips, CD’s, and staples (no pun intended). I think they like it the most because of its usability. It has 1 button to turn on, and another 2 buttons for direction (which I don’t they will use). It has an auto turn off function. So basically, they get some mail they don’t want, turn it on, put the paper in the slot, and it turns on automatically and shreds. Once no paper is detected, it turns stops running. Then when paper is detected again, it starts to shred. After a certain amount of time goes by and nothing is detected, it shuts off. As long as my parents remember to empty the bin, I’m sure there won’t be a problem.

    So I got back and I’ve been working mostly on  the CIS website. I’ll do a detailed blog post about that soon. What I’m mostly excited about now is Photoshop. I’ve started learning how to make my photos look better using Photoshop as opposed to Picasa. I have to admit, I like the control of Photoshop more than Picasa, but at the same time, Picasa’s one button approach makes it easier to edit multiple files at the same time. I guess if it’s just pictures of a party with friends and stuff, then I’ll probably use Picasa. Anything going on Flickr will be done in Photoshop from now on.

    During the break, all I did was read. My reading didn’t even consist of anything school related. How dorky is that? Most of my reading was Drupal, web design, and photography related. That said, Drupal 5.0 is really cool. Once all of the modules I have on my site have a 5.0 version, I’ll upgrade to 5 and make a new theme for it. I already have a basic layout built, and I just need to modify it a bit to make it my own. That’s another thing I noticed about Drupal. You have to be pretty well versed in CSS and XHTML before you can begin to create a Drupal theme. Also, using the Web Developer add-on for Firefox helps. There are many different element attributes Drupal spits out and if you aren’t comfortable with CSS and XHTML, you just won’t know how to style the elements the way you want. Sorry the post got a little nerdy, but it’s been a while since I made a post so I need to get it out of my system.


I hope you paid for Photoshop.

Photoshop is definitely the way to go! :D It is more difficult to learn, but as you said, you can do so much more with it. Nice gift idea for your parents by the way!