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It's just a light box...

So I went to the Toronto Photographic and Digital Imaging show at the International Centre. My Pops got free tickets and basically had no use for them. I went by myself because I couldn't find anyone else to go with on short notice.

The place was packed! I went on the last day, and watched some seminars and stuff. The highlight of the day was definitely playing with the Sony gear!

Yes, I did play with the new A700. It makes my A100 look like a kid's toy. I was able to take some shots with it and a Carl Ziess lens, but the images were saved in the ARW file format. Once I figure out how to use that, I'll transfer the files to JPEG and throw it on Flickr.

Until then, I did get a chance to play with other Ziess lenses. The 135mm, 85mm, and the G series 35mm. All of these lenses are well over $1500 bucks, so it's not likely that I'll be able to get any of these in the near future. I uploaded some of the shots to flickr without doing any post production on them. I found the quality amazing. My jaw literally dropped when I got home and looked at the images. I realized that all these SLR's are just light boxes. The real quality comes with the lens. Anyways, here are the images.

35mm G Series Lens

135mm Carl Zeiss Lens

135mm Carl Zeiss Candid

85mm Carl Zeiss DoF

85mm Carl Zeiss