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You’re a Gentleman!

Funny story. I was in A&P buying some groceries. I picked up a shopping cart anticipating a large amount of groceries. Turns out I only needed Redbull and milk. I went in line with my stuff, and this older fellow got in line behind me with a bunch of those sandwich platters you see at corporate meetings. I finished up paying and the guy said “I need to go get a buggy so I don’t drop this stuff in the parking lot.” When I realized he meant a shopping cart, I offered him mine. I didn’t need it, I could carry what I bought in my hands. The guy said in a loud voice "Oh thank you sir! You’re a gentleman!" I walked away thinking "you know, I’ve been called sir a bunch of times, but never a gentleman." I thought that was interesting. I wonder how many other 25 year olds are called gentlemen.


Nice story Jay. It reminded the time Homer says:

"For once maybe somebody will call me Sir, without adding, 'you're causing a scene.'"


I like the green - very soothing.