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Wrapping it up

I recently wrapped up 2 things this week. Sort of..

I did a small internal website for a company my friend works for. It basically maintains files for the company. People can upload documents and place them in categories. Users can change the documents and upload them again. The problem the website solved was that before, people who wanted to change the documents had to send that document to the IT guy, and he uploads the document to the server, changes the link manually, and then told the person when it was done. Now there is no need for all that. I’ll post screen shots and stuff soon in the portfolio.

The next thing is my thesis… that’s why I said sort of. Basically I’ve finished my first set of reviews. I realized I basically have everything I need in the document, but it just needs a few more reviews to make sure everything I have is spot on. It feels good to be sort of done. That was closer to being done than I was 2 weeks ago.

I bought a pretty bitchin’ tripod at the photography show. I’ve been using it once in a while for outdoor shots. Not so much macro stuff. I’ll get back to that soon I hope.


Jay my MAN!

 Loosen up bro, come up north and a beer or two.  Your going to do fine with your thesis.

I might have to take you up on that offer. It's really close to being done, and I'll need some downtime for sure.