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Next, Macbook Pro!

I've decided finally that I will in fact get a Macbook Pro. Whenever I have the opportunity, I play with a Macbook pro. The more I use them, the more I think Windows is holding me back. I'm not a big gamer, so it's not like I'll be missing out on playing video games.

My big things are photography and video editing (I hope). I know that many serious photographers use Mac's religiously, and swear by them. With parallels and bootcamp, I can always throw windows on it.

But the biggest reason why I decided to go with the Macbook pro was the iPhone app development. For those of you following my twitter, I decided my focus will be on mobile device application development. The Apple iPhone comes to Canada in July, and I'd like to be on the cutting edge of application development.

What about Google Android and RIM's Blackberry? Well Android can be developed on Mac's or PC's. Blackberry Java Development Environment (JDE) is only a Windows thing (based on my readings, correct me if I'm wrong).

I can still do my C and Java development on a Mac. In fact, when I'm in the Apple store, I looked for the terminal and wrote Hello World in both C and Java. I'm such a geek. Plus, Eclipse, my favourite editor, works wonderfully on the Mac. I can still get Firefox, and still do my Drupal Development when I have to using Eclipse and MAMP or XAMPP.

I know the negative people will be saying "oh well you can still build a PC with the same specs as a Mac for half the price, and use OSX86 to make the Mac." Thats true... But I'm tired of building machines. Canada Computers has screwed me an many different ways over the years of PC building. Also, I've seen many threads of issues about how network cards and wireless cards don't work under OSX86. Fudge that! I'm willing to pay the premium to have a solid working system.

I plan on getting a system sometime over the summer while I still have my student discount. I'm probably only going for 2 upgrade options: 4GB of RAM, and 7200RPM hard drive.

Hopefully this time next year, I'll be a seasoned Android and iPhone developer, as well as a Drupal guy (of course).


You just can't beat the reliability of Macs. There are all sorts of hardware and software upgrades that you can get as well. Good luck!

I am a convert too, for exactly the reasons you state.  With VMWare, you can still run Windows, and of course you have Unix.  So, Apple has you covered no matter where your OS tastes may roam.

You can't go wrong going Mac, Jason. You've made the right decision. I play high end games on my Macbook Pro all the time. I do it all. I've done it all on here. Video editing and everything. You just can't be the superior design of an Apple machine. Welcome to the Family! :) Ever need an iChat partner, send me a message: Always looking to make new Macintosh friends. We're not like the PC world. It's truly a rebel with a cause way of life, and there's a lot of friends in the valley. :)