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Symptoms of Emotional Abuse

I found an article online about men being emotionally abused by their female partners. I was looking up the term emotional abuse, but everything I came across was from the woman's perspective. I found one from the man's perspective:

Our culture excessively, irrationally accepts the "I'll Change Him" philosophy, where a woman selects and then "molds" a partner to her liking.

Certainly, equal loving partners may decide to change their physical HABITS to please each other -- but a person should NOT be asked to change their LIFESTYLE, PERSONALITY, HOBBIES, or CAREER CHOICES.

If your partner asks you to be or become a different person, remind them that they originally selected you as yourself. If their preferences have now changed, then they should either attend counseling with you, or admit that the partnership has ended -- so that you will be free to find a new partner who loves you for who you are.

I read that and was immediately hooked. I know many men who have endured many of the issues brought up in the article. If you'd like to read more, check out the article:


that's what she said?


... but seriously I wouldn't mind if my partner tried to bring the best out of me and I would expect I would do the same. Maybe it's just two points of view on the same matter? changing someone and encouraging them to be their best selves?  

There's one thing to encourage someone. There's another to demand that someone be a certain way.

Encouraging would be nice.. Rewarding someone for acting a certain way. But putting someone down for not being a certain way could lead to depression. Always being angry at your partner being being who they are, could lead to depression.

If you decide to be with someone for who they are, and then try to change them through anger, fear, and arguing could be seen as emotional abuse.

I'd love to be encouraged to be a better person, but not if it will result in emotional distress. That's not what love is. I'd feel like there's no way to satisfy the person who apparently 'loves' me.

right on brother.  thing is though you wouldnt be complaining about emotional abuse if the girl wasnt great.  you would just move on if it was some regular girl.  its hard to move on from a girl when she is the best realizing you will never be what she expects or you always fall short of her expectations.  very hard to move on.  but thats what you have to do because you cannot stick around to be emotionally bullied by some chick when you are all you can be.  there is other great girls out there who will think much more highly of you... you dont need a motivation boost to be better by a girl..there is too much problems in the world already.  

 lol btw i ended up to this site because of this drupal -dreamy- theme.

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