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RIP Rico

To the pup that brought so much joy to my life.

Tugged on my pant leg when he wanted attention.

Always had his spot on the bed when it was bed time.

Discovered how much fun it was to play outside.

Never passed up an opportunity for tummy rubs.

Learned how to run up stairs, then a week later learned how to run down stairs.

Would always put his head under my hands while I typed on my laptop.

When I'd lay on the ground, he'd force his face to mine and lick my nose. There was no getting away.

Just the most lovable and adorable pup. It's heartbreaking that he's no longer with us. I wish there was something I could have done to save him.

RIP Ricardo (Rico). I'll miss you and your puppy snout.

Picture of Rico the day we brought him home.