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So I'm an iPhone Developer...

I know it's been some time since I've made a blog post, but you have to understand, I've been REALLY busy with this iPhone stuff. Plus I moved to the 'big city' (Downtown Toronto).

I've been learning a lot at the new job. I've done a lot of different kinds of iPhone apps, and there has been a significant amount of API building (on my part) due to my web experience. That's kind of fun and interesting. Though, I was hoping to learn more about different types of mobile development.

That is one thing I've learned about mobile development. There is a bit of a longer turn around from feature request to feature build to feature test to feature delivery. Then once the feature is delivered, the client will no doubt have small issues with the way it turns out, so you need to repeat the process all over again. With web work, it's rather instant. Client asks for something, you can probably code it on the spot, and then the client can see it right away on the staging server.

Another thing I noticed about iPhone dev is that it is way easier than BlackBerry dev. I did some BB stuff for a week and it was far more time consuming than iPhone or Android. For Apple to be a new comer to the mobile market with a device and operating system, they literally blew the competition out of the water when it comes to development and usability. I don't think I'll get much negative feedback on that comment, because it's true.

Now here's the problem I'm experiencing now. Now that I have so much iPhone and web experience within the company, I get a lot of iPhone and web projects. I don't get the opportunity do things in the BlackBerry or on Android. I was really excited about this job because I thought I would get the opportunity to do other types of development. Not happening. So on my time off, I've been reading about Android. I know I've dived into it before, but now I'm actually using whatever spare time I have to get myself acquainted with that operating system.

I only have the 1 book on Android called "Professional Android Application Development" (ISBN: 9780470344710) but if anyone else out there has a good reference for Android development, please leave a comment or something. I really want to be an Android guru. I know I've said that before, but I really mean it.


you ever gonna blog again?

... i do plan on blogging more.. i got caught up with the twitter thing for a while, but I want to get back to blogging about what I do at work.