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Taking a Break from Twitter and Facebook

So yesterday I started my vacation from Twitter and Facebook. Why the vacation? Quite simply I found myself on them constantly. Both at work and at home, I would load up my browser of choice and 1 of the tabs would be facebook (, and I would have twhirl ( up receiving my various tweets.

Taking a break from facebook isn’t a new idea. As many of you might know I took a break from facebook for a week about a year ago this time. I found myself browsing facebook photos mindlessly and wasting hours of potential study time clicking viral links all over facebook. This is kind of the same reason why I’m taking this break. The new facebook layout encourages looking at walls, photos and profiles with their new tabbed page layout. And now with the ability to comment on news feed items, it just made it that much more addictive. Also, there was a social issue that I can’t go into too much detail about. Maybe some day I’ll talk about it.

Video’s that make me laugh

If it’s been a long day, and I’m feeling like crap because something isn’t working, or someone really pissed me off, I take a few hours and watch videos on youtube. More importantly, I watch videos that make me laugh. I mean out loud laughing. I figured I’d compile a list of videos that were especially funny to me, and end up brightening my day.

The Defence and Submission

Well, for all of you that don’t know, I successfully defended my thesis on August 19th, 2008. The original date was suppose to be the 22nd, but due to vacation times and whatnot, it was moved up. I had less time to prepare but was excited to get things over with ASAP.

The defence was hard. The questions they asked were very hard. I’m glad I didn’t tell people to come. They would have witnessed a massacre. It was almost embarrassing with the amount of information I didn’t know. I got my chance to make up for things during the revisions process. My defence committee decided on which things I needed to change with my thesis. The changes weren’t really that hard, but the fact that they were changed that needed to be done was kind of a bummer.

Finally Running Drupal 6!

Now that I've defended, I thought I would upgrade to Drupal 6. I'll give an update on the defense after, but since I've upgraded my blog to Drupal 6, that's what this blog post will be about.

So this was a pretty smooth upgrade. The only module that didn't come through the way I wanted it to was the the image module. But other than that, it was a smooooooth transition. Even views2 upgraded with ease. I haven't had a chance to play around with it yet, but I hear its the best thing since sliced bread.


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