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Almost out of the gate

As my defense date draws closer, I feel like that dog that knows he's going for a walk. I know I have my collar on, I know the leash is attached to my collar, and I can hear the door opening. My tail is wagging like there's no tomorrow.

I'm ready to dig my teeth into all these new platforms and apps out there. Most notably the iPhone SDK and the Android JDK. My thesis was mostly about Grid and Mobile Phones, so there's always that connection between me and phones. The first few Android books are out now, and I'm waiting until the minute I'm done my defense to order it.

I already have a book on JavaME, which I plan on using to learn some Blackberry development. In the October/November time frame, Apress will be releasing a book on the iPhone SDK. If I have my Macbook Pro by then, I'll be diving head first into that as well.

Don't get me wrong. I'm still interesting in the web and desktop stuff, but based on my research, computing is moving to the phones. Google Android is the perfect example of where Google can kick some more MS butt. The iPhone will continue to sell and their app store is still a very valuable piece of the mobile market place.

Catching up with Technology

When you're working on a thesis, you tend to get tunnel vision with the technologies that only apply to your thesis and how they're used in your thesis. Over the past 3 years, this happened to me.. big time!

So what I've been doing while I wait for some answers is try to catch up with some technology that have been passing me by. I know I'm usually a Drupal guy, but there's way more out there than Drupal to keep on top of to stay relevant in today's fast moving tech world.

I downloaded the jQuery book many weeks ago because I figured it was time I got more intimate with it. Ever since it was introduced in Drupal for version 5, I've shied away from it because I never really knew where to use JavaScript. Now with AJAX, AHAH, JSON, and all the other JavaScript acronyms flying around, I figured it was time I familiarize myself with it. I'm in the process of reading the book now, and will write a review once I'm done.

So... WTF!

I've been working on what I thought was my last revision. There were some questions I was asked to address in this revision, and I've been doing that. I got stuck on one question, so I asked the committee members about it. That was on Monday.

I haven't heard anything since and I'm starting to worry. I haven't done any work on my thesis since Monday because that question was the last thing I had to address before setting the defense date.

I can't help but take this to heart. Mainly because of what happened before this.

After the committee meeting we had about my thesis (which was an hour long), I was given a bunch of tasks to tackle. I gladly did so and resubmitted my thesis for what I thought was the final review. I sent it in on Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 5:19 PM. I thought I'd get a notice back in days saying that we'll start getting the defense planning processes going.

It wasn't until Wed, Jul 2, 2008 at 11:25 PM that I got a response back that told me basically handle some more comments/questions to take care of before starting to organize the defense date.

RIP Rico

To the pup that brought so much joy to my life.

Tugged on my pant leg when he wanted attention.

Always had his spot on the bed when it was bed time.

Discovered how much fun it was to play outside.

Never passed up an opportunity for tummy rubs.

Learned how to run up stairs, then a week later learned how to run down stairs.

Would always put his head under my hands while I typed on my laptop.

When I'd lay on the ground, he'd force his face to mine and lick my nose. There was no getting away.


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