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Symptoms of Emotional Abuse

I found an article online about men being emotionally abused by their female partners. I was looking up the term emotional abuse, but everything I came across was from the woman's perspective. I found one from the man's perspective:

Our culture excessively, irrationally accepts the "I'll Change Him" philosophy, where a woman selects and then "molds" a partner to her liking.

Certainly, equal loving partners may decide to change their physical HABITS to please each other -- but a person should NOT be asked to change their LIFESTYLE, PERSONALITY, HOBBIES, or CAREER CHOICES.

If your partner asks you to be or become a different person, remind them that they originally selected you as yourself. If their preferences have now changed, then they should either attend counseling with you, or admit that the partnership has ended -- so that you will be free to find a new partner who loves you for who you are.

I read that and was immediately hooked. I know many men who have endured many of the issues brought up in the article. If you'd like to read more, check out the article:

Next, Macbook Pro!

I've decided finally that I will in fact get a Macbook Pro. Whenever I have the opportunity, I play with a Macbook pro. The more I use them, the more I think Windows is holding me back. I'm not a big gamer, so it's not like I'll be missing out on playing video games.

My big things are photography and video editing (I hope). I know that many serious photographers use Mac's religiously, and swear by them. With parallels and bootcamp, I can always throw windows on it.

But the biggest reason why I decided to go with the Macbook pro was the iPhone app development. For those of you following my twitter, I decided my focus will be on mobile device application development. The Apple iPhone comes to Canada in July, and I'd like to be on the cutting edge of application development.

What about Google Android and RIM's Blackberry? Well Android can be developed on Mac's or PC's. Blackberry Java Development Environment (JDE) is only a Windows thing (based on my readings, correct me if I'm wrong).

Sony Alpha A100 and Camera Raw

I was going through a real slump with my photography.. I couldn't get any contrast in my shots, and nothing exciting was happening my photostream. I remember when I first went to the digital imaging show, and sat behind these 2 people talking. They kept going on and on about how they never edit images in photoshop, and how using photoshop was considered 'cheating'.

After that, I kind of felt bad about editing photos in photoshop, so I would upload photos directly from the camera to flickr. I realized that only some of my shots were coming out nicely exposed. Specifically, the shots that I took at the auto show seemed to be exposed very nicely. I turns out that light is my biggest foe when it comes to shotting in non-studio areas.

The lighting at the autoshow was actually really nice. I could shoot in jpeg and have the images exposed really well. But when I'm outside doing some urban abstracts, I almost always have to shoot in RAW and edit it in photoshop.

Her supporters are Racist

Hahahah. I thought this was so funny.

I did see the survey about Hillary's supporters refusing to vote for Obama if she didn't get the nomination, or even voting for McCain. I didn't understand why until I saw this video.


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