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Drupal based UFCW 464A

Based on the Drupal 5 release. The design was heavily influenced by Congressman Mike Ferguson’s website which includes colour schemes, navigation, and basic format of the pages. The site uses the nice menu’s module to get the drop down menus at the top menu bar, and also for the menu at the side for directions. The design is web standards compliant, using CSS and XHTML for page construction.

The client was heavily involved in page design, information architecture, and imagery for the pages. To keep the costs down, the client did not partake in the CiviCRM module, labour news updates, and other modules that support the labour movement. This is the only basic Drupal based website I havve ever done. No fancy functionality on the back end. Not even a multi-user setup. But in the end, a very design heavy project.

Check it out.