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IBEW 223 Drupal Site and Theme Upgrade


The IBEW 223 website used to be very dark. The client did not like it so much so they asked the company I worked for to make it a bit brighter. I guess they mean more white (and more white space) in the actual design. The inspiration they gave us was to make the site look like the IBEW international site. Since I thought the IBEW's site looked really old and dated, I took the colour scheme and applied it to an open source theme I found at called Asterisk.

I changed the theme by removing some of the graphics, using the standard events module calendar, and using the jquery collapse and collapsible functionality to hide the category information from the user. I always thought that information was annoying and wanted to be able to hide it.

I designed it so it works in IE6, IE7, FF, and Safari. Since it was going to be the last theme I build for drupal in a while, I thought I would put some effort into this one.

Check it out.