I'm a mobile software developer based out of Toronto Ontario, Canada. Building native mobile applications for recognized brands since 2009. Well versed in design patterns, test driven development (TDD), and platform porting (iOS apps to Android and vice versa).

In a previous life, I was a Drupal developer and I still do some custom Drupal module and theme development. Recently I've picked Symfony as my PHP development framework of choice, and will use it as a starting point for projects not fit for Drupal.

This site is primarily used to showcase the work I've done in the past and illustrating what I've learned in my years of experience. See the contact page for contact information.

M.Sc Computer Science - University of Guelph ('08)
B. Comp (Honours), Business Administration minor - University of Guelph ('05)

Back with the Parents

So I have moved back home with my parents. I have to admit, I am not super excited about having to live at home, but these are the kinds of things that must happen when you run out of funding. Amazingly, it only really took me one trip to move the bulk of my stuff home. I moved some small things here and there, but everything could have fit in the one trip. When I got home, I realized I had two of many things. Two beds, two desks, two TV’s. My room was empty when I tried to move out, so my mom took the liberty of moving some furniture into my room.

Balancing School and Work with No Funding

When funding is scarce, one may need to find alternative sources of income. This is what happened to me. After not receiving any GRA’s from my advisor for 4 semesters, and GTA/GSA eligibility drying up, I was forced to find alternative employment so I can be fortunate enough to eat and pay my visa bill. It’s both good and bad, but I’d lean more towards bad than good.

The 'N' Word.. Never Acceptable

It's come to my attention that some people who I considered my friends still use the N word. I started thinking to myself 'when is it ever ok?'

Commedians use it and I never thought it was funny. Hip Hop artists use it and I never liked those lyrics.

Physical Fitness. My Third Job!

Haven't made a blog post in a while so I thought I would mention what I've been up to. The biggest change in my life has to be my training. I have a habit of doing this when something has really negatively effected my life.


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