I'm a mobile software developer based out of Toronto Ontario, Canada. Building native mobile applications for recognized brands since 2009. Well versed in design patterns, test driven development (TDD), and platform porting (iOS apps to Android and vice versa).

In a previous life, I was a Drupal developer and I still do some custom Drupal module and theme development. Recently I've picked Symfony as my PHP development framework of choice, and will use it as a starting point for projects not fit for Drupal.

This site is primarily used to showcase the work I've done in the past and illustrating what I've learned in my years of experience. See the contact page for contact information.

M.Sc Computer Science - University of Guelph ('08)
B. Comp (Honours), Business Administration minor - University of Guelph ('05)

CIS Website Deployed!

    I got the okay to go live with the new CIS website. I guess I should be happy that something I built will be used by a lot of people, but it’s been very frustrating and irritating. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been working on designing, architecting, and building the new CIS website since the Christmas break. The GSA contract states that I only have to do 140 hours of work for the entire semester, but I put in much more than that.

Realizing a career with Drupal

    For everyone who knows me, I never pass up an opportunity to talk about Drupal and how good Drupal is. All semester I’ve been working on the new CIS website using the different released versions of Drupal 5; from the first beta to Drupal 5.1. I learned a great deal about how Drupal works from a developers stand point, but apparently I did not learn enough to be considered a ‘good’ Drupal developer.

Downtown Guelph Photography Contest

I just got wind of a photo contest for downtown Guelph. I went out and took some photos yesterday. I’m biased because I think all of them look great, but I can only submit 2 of the photos before March 31st of this month. So if anyone wants to help me decide, leave a comment and let me know what your favourites are.

License to Drupal

    After a Dojo lesson on last Sunday, I learned more about the Drupal development process. Most importantly, I learned the first steps involved in giving back to the Drupal community. Given all the ways you can give back, I decided helping out in the forums and developing themes were 2 ways I could give back in some sort of substantial way.


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