I'm a mobile software developer based out of Toronto Ontario, Canada. Building native mobile applications for recognized brands since 2009. Well versed in design patterns, test driven development (TDD), and platform porting (iOS apps to Android and vice versa).

In a previous life, I was a Drupal developer and I still do some custom Drupal module and theme development. Recently I've picked Symfony as my PHP development framework of choice, and will use it as a starting point for projects not fit for Drupal.

This site is primarily used to showcase the work I've done in the past and illustrating what I've learned in my years of experience. See the contact page for contact information.

M.Sc Computer Science - University of Guelph ('08)
B. Comp (Honours), Business Administration minor - University of Guelph ('05)

Installing Globus Toolkit 4

    This is my first blog post I've made while using Linux. I was itching to make this post because I'd finally done something that was so incredibly hard to do in the past. I installed GT4 on my own with only a reference textbook for help. It's pretty exciting because if you've ever tried to install GT4 without any help, it's almost impossible. The online instructions assume you are a sys-admin or something. I guess if you're using Globus, you have to be somewhat Linux literate.

The weight of life on my shoulders

    So it’s my first blog post in a few weeks. Sorry about that, but things haven’t been all that exciting in the past while. I’ve been reading up on Drupal (as usual), the Eclipse editor, UML, and a nice little book on building scaleable websites ‘the Flickr way’. It’s a book by Cal Henderson, the lead web developer for Flickr. It’s a nice book that shows you how to build large scale web applications with poor man’s web technologies (LAMP).

New CIS Website Coming Soon

    I remember it like it was yesterday. I was told that all the CIS GTA/GSA were accounted for, and I didn’t have an offer for the webmaster job in my inbox. When my advisor told me that all the jobs were given to PHd students, I was overly pissed. I’m sure you all remember my blog post about it. Even though the job was taken for me, Drupal was continued to be an important part of my skill set. So instead of just focusing on research and the new job, I started reading “Drupal: Creating Blogs, Forums, Portals, and Community Websites” by David Mercer (dodge). I picked it up and I couldn’t put it down. I read every day and practiced the examples. I started getting more involved with the Drupal open source community and started looking at ways I can use Drupal in the future (after grad school).

Drupal 5.0 Beta

     Drupal 5.0 has been released in Beta. I was going to do my usual reading and school work today, but now that I know I have a new version of Drupal to check out, I think I’ll be getting my feet wet with 5.0. Apparently there is a new installer that should improve the installation process of Drupal significantly. Now I won’t hear all about how difficult Drupal is to install from the scary command prompt. I'll check out 5.0 and come back and blog about what I like and dislike and include some screen shots.


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