I'm a mobile software developer based out of Toronto Ontario, Canada. Building native mobile applications for recognized brands since 2009. Well versed in design patterns, test driven development (TDD), and platform porting (iOS apps to Android and vice versa).

In a previous life, I was a Drupal developer and I still do some custom Drupal module and theme development. Recently I've picked Symfony as my PHP development framework of choice, and will use it as a starting point for projects not fit for Drupal.

This site is primarily used to showcase the work I've done in the past and illustrating what I've learned in my years of experience. See the contact page for contact information.

M.Sc Computer Science - University of Guelph ('08)
B. Comp (Honours), Business Administration minor - University of Guelph ('05)

Buena Vista!

    I have to admit, I saw these screenshots of Vista and thought this was the most beautiful OS I've ever seen. Apparently Vista can run on an 800mhz processor. What's needed is a good video card. I guess spending 400 bucks on that video card wasn't such a bad idea.

'Til Debt do us part

I never really understood how finances work in relationships. In this instance, I’m talking more about marriage. Who pays what? Do both pay cheques go into a joint account? I’ve always done my finances my own way. My mom does my tax returns because she’s in the accounting game, but once I’m done school, that will all change. I’ve grown very accustomed to a strict budgeting schedule where I know how much money I have to spend on treats and toys, how much goes into savings, and what portion goes to bills, etc. What do married people do? Does all the money go into a joint account and then get filtered out accordingly? Are all spending decisions discussed before they can occur? I don’t know about everyone else, but that sort of life style would not go over well with me.

New Research Direction

    My committee meeting was very interesting. I learned how much I was on the wrong track, and how unimaginative I was. It was a good experience though. I learned that many of the things I’ve been doing have been done, but there are still some that aren’t done. The best piece of advice I got was to follow the lines of agriculture and veterinarian medicine. At the company I work for, they do several web projects for professors that have a good amount of money to spend on websites that they need for teaching and whatnot, but there isn’t many veterinarian related computer science projects that can be used in everyday situations. So my research has taken a new and exciting direction.

The Waterloo Job Fair

    So after I found out the job was given away to 2 other student, I thought that there’s no point in me being upset about it (but I’m still pretty pissed off about it). So Varden, Chris, and I went to the career fair at RIM park in Waterloo. There were so many new companies there this year that they needed to use both sides of the arena! I have to admit, I thought it was a great idea that I went to the career fair this year. I met many potential employers that seemed interested in what I was doing, but most of them wanted waterloo grads immediately.


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