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Pluralism Ported to Drupal 6

After a Toronto Drupal User Group meet up discussion and presentation by walkah on the changes to Drupal's theme system for Drupal 6, I was inspired to create and share a Drupal theme for Drupal 6 with the community. I looked around and found the Pluralism template and thought it was a good candidate to create the new theme.

The icons on the template were not sufficient for the theme, so I grabbed a few icons from Lullabot. The biggest problem with this approach was that the icons were created with transparent png which IE6 can not render properly. I'll be trying to fix this in the next few weeks.

I'm not a big fan of the list of taxonomy terms on a page, so I used jQuery and fieldset tag to hold them show/hide them. This is the same technique I used for the Dreamy theme which seems to be very popular.

I also did my best to try and maintain the 3 column footer section using CSS. On the project page, I wanted to be very explicit about only using 3 columns in this section. We'll see how that goes.

Other changes that are a bit more advanced were the changes implemented in template.php. I changed how the comment links were displayed. I made these comment links display more like the ones in the original template. I also changed the icon used for RSS to be more bloggy and less drupally, and the markers for new or updated content are changed to icons. I'm trying to move away from being dependent on drupal's preprocessed styling and get away from looking very typically drupal.

I hope this theme could be as popular as garland, so I want it to work as smoothly as any core theme. I'd really appreciate some kind of feedback on what people think, and how it could be improved.