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This is a list of the work that I've done in the past.

Drupal based CIS Department

CIS Website Screenshot

Based on Drupal 5. Theme is completely CSS based. One of my first big Drupal projects. Used LDAP for authentication, and a considerable amount of theme customization. Flash slideshow used for the splash page. SEO optimized, etc.

I would have done some things differently now than I did back then, but I guess these things come with experience.

Check it out.

Drupal Based IBEWLU380



My first theme I had to design using their corporate identity. I didn't have very much creative freedom (or time), so I used tables for the theme. The site was developed using Drupal 5. You can still see some remnants of the bluemarine theme I based it on. Not my best work, but time was a factor.

Check it out.

Drupal Based IBEW25



Did a CSS based theme, using Drupal 5. The theme was based on an open source blog theme. I used Java script to get the dots to show the address on hover.

Check it out.

Drupal Based NYJB

nyjb screenshot


Used Drupal 5 to create. The theme was created to completely replicate their existing site. I replaced the theme with a completely CSS based theme, while following their original table based theme as closely as possible. They liked their own design, and wanted the functionality of a Drupal based CMS.

Check it out.

Drupal Theme: Dreamy by Ginger Ninja

I wanted to see how long it would take me to port another open source template to a Drupal theme. Since I had a good amount of experience, I thought it woud be a challenge. It took me 6 hours.

Check it out @

Nautica09 port to Drupal Theme

I've finally ported my first Drupal Theme. I had to get a CVS account on, and learn CVS to do it. But it was all worth it.

Check it out at nautica09